Why Register as a Member?

If you haven’t yet registered on the New PLHA Website PLEASE READ

Late in 2017 the PLHA board decided launch a new website to improve communication with (and between) residents, to reduce the time involved in the administration of the association and to improve the effectiveness of the board in providing services to the association. The website is designed specifically for homeowner associations and provides the board and residents with many tools to use in the administration of the association.

However, to effectively use this tool we essentially need every resident to register and provide us with some basic information that will be used to communicate with them. If you are not tech savvy or you simply prefer not to have to visit the website, don’t worry, you will have given us all the tools we need by your registration. For us to communicate effectively with you, you will need to have an email address and/or a phone capable of receiving texts. Many of those residents who do not have an email address have chosen to have one of their adult children register for them. If you take that route, the adult child will be the one receiving the communication from the PLHA, and they will be the one responsible for communicating that information to you.

If you’re saying… “but I don’t want to have to login to view the website”, don’t worry, the majority of information on the website is available without logging in using your username and password. For privacy, we don’t allow non-registered users to have access to the associations finances and to resident names and contact information, therefore, you will need to login to access protected information.

If you are still concerned about privacy, be assured that you can hide your contact information from being viewed to other registered residents. Remember, non-registered website visitors cannot see this information anyway. And each component (address, telephone number, email address, etc.) of your contact information can be shown OR hidden. It’s really up to you, but we encourage all residents to display their contact information and share details about their family. Remember this information is ONLY available to registered residents who login using their login credentials.


Here are a just a few of the benefits of the registration to the organization (in more detail). 

Owner Listing
By registering, you are adding yourself, and any other family members you list in the registration (and we encourage you to list everyone), to a listing of Posey Lake residents which is accessible by other registered residents.  We hope that residents will review this list and become more familiar with not just their close neighbors, but others across the lake.  The degree to which a resident wants to allow other registered residents to see their information is completely controlled by them, so people should not be concerned about registering should they want to remain more private.  We hope that this additional information increases everyone's familiarity with other residents and promotes a closer sense of community.  I have been here at Posey 30 years, but I bet we've never met, and I'm sure I'm not well known across the lake.  We're hoping to increase resident interaction.  I often have people who know someone on the lake, but despite being here 30 years, I often say I don't know them.  I'd like to change that.  The resident listing is a good source to get this information quickly, thereby making it more likely that it will happen. 
By registering, you provide certain critical information to us that allows us to communicate with you better.  Although we are going to be sensitive about not sending junk mail, we plan on sending email blasts and emergency texts.  For example, last year our fireworks were delayed a little because the wake from several boats were causing waves that prohibited loading of the firework barges and the transport to the firing site.  Had we had the ability we could have sent out an emergency text to halt all boat traffic causing a wake.  Also, we had an incident several weeks ago where a bullet hit a cottage.  Would have been nice to have had the ability to send an emergency text to see if anyone knew about hunters in the area.
Access to adding information to the website
By registering, you allow us to give controlled access to allow non-board members the ability to post information to the website.  For example, Laurie Apling will have access to add and change information on the Posey Lake Run page.  This allows a more efficient and effective communication than would be possible if everything were to be posted by one or several board members.  The same goes with the boat parade, fish fund, fireworks pages, or any other pages added later. 

Classified Ads & other forums 
We have a Classified Ads page where Registered Residents can post homes for rent or sale, items for sales, garage sales, etc.  We have even thought about adding a forums page that could be controlled by a person acting as moderator.
Dues, Fireworks Fund, Fish Fund and Payment Processing
By registering, you allow us to eliminate the snail mail process of sending out mailings for dues, fireworks, and the fish fund.  The process of sending out a mailing (printing, sorting, labeling, stuffing, stamping, and taking to the post office), as well as collecting checks, taking them to the bank, tracking the payment from each resident by amount and type (dues, fireworks, fish fund) is very time-consuming.   This is why we need one "official" registration.  This "billing" information will be sent to this resident only, not the other registrants.  Resident will also be able to send us electronic payments thereby streamlining the payment process. 
Board Effectiveness
By registering, you allow the board to more effectively and conveniently carry out their mission.  The registration allows us to send this information at a touch of a button.  As mentioned before, residents will be "billed" for the PLHA annual dues and will be able to make payment pay via the website (another reason for the security).  This allows the board to spend more of their time on more critical issues such as the weed control, the algae issue and other water quality issues, as well as lake safety.
All of the above benefits require residents to register.  As indicated before, the initial registration is critical because it provides the board with communication tools to more effectively carry out their mission.  However, resident don't need to access the website using this registration every time they access the website.  You are still able to access it as you did before, but again we hope that everyone registers initially.  There are other benefits that I have not listed such as a yard sale page, and other benefits that will be installed in the future.  We are just at the sites infancy, and much more can be done, but it all requires people to register, even if they don't access using the registration on a frequent basis.

The Board