Registration Instructions

To register, you must provide contact information identifying you as a resident of Posey Lake.  The system allows one registration per parcel of land, so registration should be for the entire family.  Currently the software developer uses pre-defined registrant classifications that do not fully meet our resident classification categories, however we have assigned the current classifications to our needs as follows (until the software developer adds user defined classifications):

    Property Owner, Member - PLHA member, Resident (owner or renter; either year-round or vacation home).

    Property Owner, Non-Member - Non-PLHA member, Resident (owner or renter; either year-round or vacation home).

    Member, Non-Resident (formerly Prospective Owner) - PLHA member, Non-Resident (who is not an actual resident of Posey Lake).

    Non-Member, Non-Resident (formerly Prospective Renter) - Non-PLHA member, Non-Resident (but wishes to participate in some of Posey Lake's activities such as the Posey Lake Run or the Posey Lake Fireworks Display, and wishes to fund such activities by making contributions to such funds including the Posey Lake Fish Fund).

For those residents who do not live at the lake full-time, please provide your permanent resident address as the "alternative address".  Please also indicate which address will be your billing address.  This is the address that will be used when making a credit card payment.  Payment by check is still acceptable.

Once you have registered, you will be returned to a webpage which thanks you for your registration and prompts you to add additional information to your profile which will be visible in the community directory. 

Once you click on “Follow this link” you will be presented with six tabs under which you can add additional information. Below are the relevant information for each tab.  Information contained in the "Contact" tab is critical in fully utilizing the communication capabilities of this website. 

1. General – Information under this tab are details for you and your spouse (if relevant), your lake address, and your home address if the lake is not your primary address. You also designate here which address should be considered you billing address for PLHA purposes.

2. Password – This is where your password is stored (and changed by you)

3. Profile – Under this tab you (and your spouse) can list your employer, and additional members of the household.

4. Social – Under this tab you (and your spouse) can list social media link, such as Facebook.

5. Contact – This is where you (and your spouse) enter your contact preferences. Since the most beneficial component of this new website is the ability to us to communicate with you, and amongst the residents, we suggest the following contact preferences, as indicated below:  

    Receive these types of emails...

       [x] Notification emails (forum replies, contact forms, etc.)

       [x] Emails from administrators (newsletters, announcements, etc.)

       [x] Alerts from residents via the alert page (burglaries, warnings, etc.)

       [x] Administrative communications (only if you are an admin)

    Receive these types of text messages...

       [x] Text messages from administrators (announcements, alerts, etc.)

    What's Happening email frequency (Summarizes activity on the website)

       [x] Recommended setting (Set by website admin)

       [ ] Weekly

       [ ] Monthly

       [ ] Never

    Instant notifications for...

       [ ] New forum topics

       [ ] New forum comments on topics

6. Privacy – This tab allows you to limit the information provided in the community directory.

You can later access these tabs under “Settings” in the drop-down list which appears in the upper-right corner of the webpage under your name (when you are logged in)